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Din acest e-book vei afla:

1. Previziunile pentru brandurile viitorului - cum arata si cum vor vinde

2. Secrete din Social Media si sfaturi ca sa vinzi mai mult si mai rapid

3. Statistici despre Online si cum se “indragostesc” clientii de branduri pe internet

4. Ce trebuie sa faci concret ca sa te diferentiezi, sa fii unic si usor de recunoscut

5. Afli in 4 ore tot ce trebuie sa stii despre online marketing din experienta noastra de peste 5 ani.

We create strong relationships between customers and businesses, through Online and Social Media Marketing, Strategy & Brand Awareness.
Be Unique, Stand Out & Sell More
I want a Strong Online Presence
What do we do?
Online Marketing strategy

Every successful general that has ever fought in a war, has based his success rate on a strategy. That’s what we’re doing as well. It’s not enough to have an online presence if that’s not based on a well-established Online Marketing Strategy.

We build strong foundations for your Business taking into consideration the latest trends in the market, best marketing practices and well-established techniques with a high rate of success.

Content and Copywriting

You probably heard this phrase by now: content is the King! Well, here at Vandy we follow that philosophy as well, that is why through our copywriting process, we build written and visual content that not only will make your business dwell in the mind of your customer for a long time, but they’ll also carry your message everywhere they’ll go.

Our Content and Copywriting services will help you communicate your greatest ideas, in the most powerful way.

Design, Branding, Advertising

Maybe you have a great vision for your business but you don’t know exactly the know-hows of the market and how to stand-out from the rest of the crowd. That’s where we come in: we listen to you so we can gasp perfectly the vision you have for your business and we design it for you.

And then, after we’ve designed it, we’ll build a great image for your business that will make it pop-out from the rest through uniquely custom-designed advertising practices.

How do we do it?
Planning and Strategizing
We analyze, plan and strategize your Business’ Success.

We won’t just go up ahead the mountain without first carefully taking into account all the variables of your Business.

After careful consideration, after we’ve studied your Business strengths and weaknesses, we’ll come up with a well-thought plan and strategy in order to boost your presence in the Market, and make a great name for yourself. These are the steps that will guarantee you the success of your Business.

Content Creation
Perfect Design and Persuasive Words to make customers fall in love with your products or services.

Words are the most enchanting sounds for our minds, while a picture is said to be worth a thousand words. At Vandy, the content we create, visual or written, it’s a fascinating story which enriches the reader, totally encompassing and transporting them into a world like they have never met before.

This is the type of content your Business will promote via Vandy’s Content Creation services.

Improving & Maintaining
We maintain, Analyze and Boost your Business’s Growth.

After we’ve created an image for your Business, we maintain it, we bring even more improvements to it, analysing how your customers behave so we can always make sure your business meets their wishes and needs.

We create strong connections with each interaction between your customers and your product, making sure that they’re not getting disappointed and get the same level of quality they always expect.

We make you Stand Out, Sell through Creative Quality Content & Social Media platforms in Online Environment.
We create Online Content that conveys Quality and Trust for your Business to Sell More and Grow Faster.
What do you need to be successful?
How good are your products or services vs. how many people know them.
Play with the percentages and find out
what your Business needs to be successful.
Vandy Media is for:
Businesses who want to Sell More and gain new customers
Businesses who want more Visibility and Recognition into the market
Businesses who want to Grow Faster into the market
Businesses who want Persuasive and Professional Online Content
Businesses who want to be Memorable, Unique and to become a Real Brand
Businesses who want to Beat their Competitors
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